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Why are we here?

"To love God with all our being
and love others as ourselves"

What do we do?

As a faith community, we are inspired by our shared and dynamic faith in the living God, we are strengthened by nurturing the unique gifts we see in each other, and we are energized by God’s Spirit within us to serve others.

What is important to us?

Connecting ~ In our interactions with others, in our homes, workplaces, neighbourhoods, and the world around us, we try to follow the example of Jesus, as demonstrated in the Bible, by practicing forgiveness, affirming diversity, building trust, and promoting wellbeing.

Nurturing ~ We see integrity, creativity, hope and sacredness in every being. We use our skills, our energy, and our material wealth, in ways that honour all life including the environment.

Growing ~ As Mennonites, we value our Anabaptist heritage and from these roots, we strive to grow in relevant ways of sharing love, creating peace, and demanding justice for all.

Our Church

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1355 Bean Road
New Hamburg, ON

Sunday Mornings Worship 9:45-10:45
Sunday School 10:45-11:45